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Brewery restaurant Plevna is committed to operating responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We strive to take into account sustainable development in all areas of our operations, e.g. by the following means:

  • We consider sustainable development in decision-making.
  • The management is committed to promoting sustainable development and allocates resources to the work.
  • There are work instructions and an equality plan for the staff. Guidelines for inappropriate behavior. Equality and consideration of differences is important to us and we take it into account in our operations.
  • We follow the regulations and guidelines related to the industry. We operate & instruct customers and staff according to these.
  • We prefer recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Some of the detergents are eco-labelled.
  • We reduce the amount of waste by purchasing only the necessary amount of products and make use of already existing material. If necessary, our products can be obtained through the ResQ service. The brewer’s mash is delivered as cattle feed to the Teristen manor in Toijala.
  • We guide the staff to recycle, and we enable sorting at the workplace.
  • We encourage staff to travel to the workplace by bike, foot or public transport if possible. We also guide our customers to arrive on foot or by public transport, the guidance can be found on our website.
  • Our restaurant has barrier-free access (disabled people can use the elevator to reach a restricted area) and there is a disabled toilet.
  • We are increasing the share of vegetarian food in our menu.
  • We know the origin of our raw materials and can trace the entire production chain, e.g. in sausages, meats and chicken.
  • 99% of beer and cider sales are products of our own brewery, which are produced in the same space. Because of this, there are no freight and packaging costs when the products are transferred directly from the brewery to 30 and 1000 l tanks. Likewise, beer, cider and brewer’s wort are always fresh when the products are not temporarily stored anywhere.
  • In our restaurant, you can find water dispensers on the Veranda and at the bar counter. The water is tap water.
  • We offer training for staff.
  • Our energy consumption is monitored using automation. The brewery’s waste heat is used to heat our Veranta all year round.
  • The district heat used for heating is carbon-neutral local heat.
  • Every year, we donate part of the profit to charity, e.g. help Ukraine campaigns, our charity destination is Sofiakylä for people in need of special support and people with developmental disabilities.
  • We encourage our partners to commit to the principles of sustainable development in their operations.
  • We message about our partners sustainability achievements
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